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Vehicle Clothing Helmets and Protection

Designed primarily for safety and a functional level of comfort during extreme sports, there is a wide choice of vehicle clothing helmets and protection available to buy which include motorcycle clothing, helmets and headwear, motocross and off-road clothing and car and kart racewear.

Such protective outerwear is manufactured by leading sporting brands such as Alpinestars, Arai and AGV.

Helmets and headwear

Without doubt, helmets and headwear are the most important piece of kit for both road and off-road riding. Designed foremost with safety in mind, it is important that you choose headwear appropriate to your riding choices to provide the maximum level of protection.

Performance qualities

There is a wide choice of motocross and off-road clothing available from boots, kits and sets, trousers and gloves to base layers such as jerseys, jackets and socks. Motorcycle clothing ranges feature jackets, trousers, boots and all-in-one or two-piece riding suits. Such vehicle clothing, helmets and protection are often made from tough leather or leather and textile mixes and have high performance qualities to enhance your ride plus CE armour to safeguard against impact or abrasions.

Flame resistant

Car and kart racewear includes race suits, race boots, race gloves and race underwear as essential base layers. In-vehicle race protection and pads are also available which include rib/chest protectors, flame resistant elbow pads and race collars for neck support during high speeds.

Comfort and control

Both motocross and motorcycle boots are designed specifically for maximum grip and contact with the bike, with many including special features such as shin plates, ergonomic buckle systems, breathable mesh liners for extra ventilation and flexi-zones on the foot for premium comfort and control.

Mid-cut car and kart race boots are usually made from hard wearing leather or synthetics and designed to be much more lightweight, with oil resistant high grip soles, breathable panels and single Velcro fastenings to ensure a secure fit.